Vik Chaudhary, Listener

Acts on customer feedback at the speed of light.
 Vik managed a $395 million acquisition of a previous company.

Avrami Hendlish, Processor

Built the fastest processing engine for customer relationships.
 Avrami built a SaaS platform that scaled to 800 million data points a day.

Rajesh Kumar, Speeder

Built the fastest customer feed in Java, Elastic Search and MongoDB.

Jeff Walker, Integrator

Built the fastest way for email and chat to sync with CRMs.

Paz Gillespie-Cotton, Supporter

Always on 24 hours a day to help customers.

Gaurav Jagiasi, Communicator

Finding ways to perfect the product, everyday.
 Gaurav studied the art and science of making products better for users.

Su Piercy, Documentarian

Teaches the world how to use the product.